Dear Adventure Pursuer,

After over 5 months of lockdown, we could all do with some proper adventures in wild places to shake off our cabin fever.Now that travel restrictions are easing – albeit to a limited extend– we couldn’t be more excited to get you back out on your adventures again and for our local hosts to welcome you to their amazing experiences and destinations. 

The good news is that we now have our confirmed schedule of our some weekend adventures for the spring and summer seasons based on current lockdown regulations.

I know we are all eager to get out and enjoy the best leisure activities our country has to offer as soon as possible and will undoubtedly have questions about what a Khondlo Expeditions will look like in the post-lockdown world. As always, your safety, as well as the safety of our local hosts, guides and partners, is our absolute top priority.

See below for all the FAQs on exactly how, where and when we’ll be running trips again, to help you get planning your next escape. Looking forward to fearlessly pursue adventures with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)



When will you start running trips / adventures again?


We will start running trips again as soon as it is both safe and fun to do so. We know you’re keen to get back out there. We have a minimum set of criteria, all of which must be met, before a trip/adventure can re-start. These are:

a)       All tours and adventure activities meets the COVID 19 Health and Safety protocols;

b)      The government formally approves and endorses tourism activities operating;

c)       Our local host / guides are able to run their adventures whilst fully complying with all activity- specific COVID-19 Health Protocols and the Safe Travels protocols approved by the South African Tourism Council and the Department of Tourism;

d)      These Health Protocols do not detract or alter the trip from the fundamental quality and experience.

What can I expect in terms of safety measures on the trip/adventures?


All our adventures resuming this year meet the safety and health requirements set out by the Department of Tourism to give you peace of mind while you’re out on your adventure. 


We’ve also added a new Coronavirus section on every trip page that clearly sets out any changes to the itinerary or inclusions, along with the specific safety measures being introduced on a particular trip. As a minimum on all trips you can expect:


a)       Expert guides: Our local guides are experts in their field, and have curated amazing, unique and safe adventures with them.

b)      Small groups: All of our trips have always been small. Don’t forget – you can also request a private group on many of our trips too to travel with friends or family.

c)       Fresh air: Our adventures get you off the beaten track and into the wild, exactly where you want to be after over 100 days in lockdown.

d)      Solo Travellers & Accommodation: We get a lot of solo travellers on our trips – around 60% on average in fact. So if you are a solo traveller you could book a single room /tent to make it easier to have your own space.

e)      Excellent hygiene standards: All hosts have introduced enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for all equipment, gear and facilities used as part of a trip, including transportation, with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points.

f)        Responsibility from fellow travellers: We ask all travellers to respect local requirements and to bring a face covering – be it buffs or face-masks. In line with the Safe Travel protocols, every effort will be made to have hand sanitiser available, but we strongly recommend bringing your own. We also ask every traveller to ensure they are fit to travel, and if you are in any doubt – we’ve made things as flexible and simple as possible if you do need to postpone or move your booking.

I’m a solo traveller, will I have to share a room?


Nearly all adventures are based on twin-share accommodation. Some of our hosts are making arrangements to include solo rooms / tents as standard and if so this information will be available in the Coronavirus section on the trip page, and if you have an existing booking they will contact you to let you know.


Is my money safe if I’ve got a trip booked or am about to book one?


Yes. Rest assured, your money is safe in any and all circumstances. There has been and always will be full financial protection on your booking. We understand you might be wondering whether now is the best time to book an adventure weekend.


What happens if there is a second spike and my trip is subsequently cancelled?


In the unfortunate event your trip/adventure is cancelled, you will be contacted immediately and be able to select one of the following options via your booking:

·         Request a new date or,

·         If you do really require a refund, fortunately we offer 100% refunds processed within the next 7 days from date of request, with the funds entering your account within the next 48 hours after it is processed. This applies only in cases of COVID 19 lockdown or travel restrictions.

What happens if I start to show Coronavirus symptoms while on a trip?


If you or any member of your group develops Coronavirus symptoms while on an adventure, your local host will assist you to get medical attention as soon as possible.


It is important that you have travel insurance that covers medical costs incurred due to Coronavirus.

While your local host will assist you to get all the care you require, all expenses for testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you.


What happens if not enough people book on to my departure date?


Some of our trips have a minimum group size in order to go ahead. We will confirm if this has been reached and guarantee your departure at least 45 days before it is due to start and notify you by email.



What are some of the general COVID 19 Health and Safety Measures that have been introduced on tours?


a)       Compulsory Requirements

Any person joining the tour will be required to bring and wear a Face mask or face covering cloth at all times while in a public space and use hand sanitisers.

b)      Accommodation and Sleeping Arrangements

Rooms can only be shared with members of the same household or friends, so an additional single supplement may have to apply for solo travellers as prices are normally based on twin-sharing. Please enquire ahead of booking as some flexibility may be possible from the hotels.

c)       Social Distancing and/or Face Mask Requirements during the tour

We have changed the way we operate slightly with social distancing in place while on tour.

·         Keeping members of the same household together;

·         Reduced group sizes;

·         Reduced passengers in shared transport;

·         Face masks worn at all sometimes.


d)      Additional Hygiene measures to ensure your safety during the tour

We are required to ask anyone joining the trip if they have shown any COVID-19 symptoms the week of and the day before the trip starts. If you have any symptoms or have had contact with a person with symptoms you will not be allowed to join the trip.